Let AirConsole Help You Win at Your Next Game Night with Friends

What’s better than inviting a group of your closest friends over for a chill game night? Snacks, games, inside jokes that go on way longer than they should — fun times, right? But more often than not, most games can’t accommodate all your friends; someone will always be left spectating or waiting for you to pass them the controller.

With AirConsole, the number one way to play casual, local-multiplayer party games, that won’t be the case anymore — just grab your phones and a laptop, and you’ve got endless fun across over 100 free games!

AirConsole makes game nights easy: all you need is any web-browser supported device (your “console”), and a smartphone (iOS/Android) or tablet (your “controller”). By logging into www.airconsole.com, you have access to over 100 easy-to-play, fun-to-master games that can connect your friends in less time than it takes to refill your drink — all for free! And with an affordable AirConsole Hero membership (just $2.99 USD) you have access to premium games and in-game extras, such as hosting up to 10 players on some games – for less than a six-pack of soda! Lastly, because AirConsole uses cloud-based streaming technology, there’s no need for a high-end gaming PC, just about any mid-range PC or Laptop can act as the console!

With a wide variety of genres in its game library, AirConsole always has something that will get even your most timid friends to join in on the action:

  • Take to the pitch and create your own World Cup final with the arcade soccer excitement of Final Goal.
  • Launch cow bombs, exploding chickens and a host of other wacky weaponry at your nosey neighbours in the raucous tower-defense game, The Neighbourhood.
  • Build the tallest self-supported tower with (or against — who am I to judge?) your friends in Tower of Babel.
  • How well do you really know your friends? Play Friends Quiz to find out by trying to figure their answer to some very…interesting questions.
  • Hold your own Living room Idol with Karaoke – sing solo or with artist accompaniment and unleash your inner rock star!

From casual party games to co-operative strategy titles, AirConsole can make your next game night with friends and family simple, affordable and a big hit with any crowd. To learn more about AirConsole, please visit https://www.airconsole.com.