So, you think you have seen everything about gaming?
Hold on just a little while longer, to experience it: IRONOVA is launching its Kickstarter campaign before the official release of ANKKORO. It is time for the gaming revolution. There’s only one question: will you be part of it?

Starting 06.28 , whether you’re a gamer, a developer, or a streamer, be part of ANKKORO’s revolution. The connected wristband that will literally put your emotions in the heart of your games.
There is not a single aspect in the world of video games that cannot be transformed and enhanced by the use of ANKKORO. Players, let your emotions flow in your veins and have an impact on your game. Developers, give gamers the unique opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the universe you’re creating and engage them in an exciting emotional joust. Streamers and e-athletes, get the perfect companion to learn and train better thanks to data you’ve never seen before. Win the emotional war and take the advantage. See what no machine has ever seen or offered before.
All of the major actors of the video game industry as well as journalists and developers, who had the privilege to experience ANKKORO before everyone else at E3 or VIVA TECH, share the same opinion regardless of their individual background: ANKKORO is the future of video games.
Starting at $106, make ANKKORO and it’s endless possibilities yours. Designed for gamers, it’s a unique wristband that you will quickly forget that you are wearing, it will revolutionize your way of gaming. It’s light, it’s beautiful and it’s made just for you. Add to this an elegant charging station and two emotional accounts and you are good to go. Today on PC and mobile, tomorrow on every platforms. Did you think you were already spoiled? Wait until you see all the exciting rewards for the most generous supports.

Developers, ANKKORO is made for you too. You’re making tomorrow’s games, we are giving you the technology to make your games better. Our refund policy is made for studios that want to buy and incorporate the ANKKORO technology: lets work together to create the future. Starting at $185, get your ticket to enter the game. The more you succeed, the more we refund you. After all, we are all in love with video games and that’s what got us together. A dedicated team of in-house experts will provide you with support anytime you need in order to make sure our technology matches your highest expectations and enhances your projects.

Are you really ready for the Revolution? Game on.

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