Bless Online: Seige of Castra 70v70 PVP Detailed

oday, while we know it’s already late in the afternoon for many of you, we wanted to send along a brief update on the next big PVP content coming to Bless Online. While we’re still working to fix the issues our players have been pointing out, we’re also not shy about the goal we have to add more and more content during the Early Access period for Bless Online.

Without further ado, take a look at SIEGE OF CASTRA! We’ll be announcing the launch date of this update and more in future posts on our Steam Community page.

The Siege of Castra, a large-scale battlefield that pitches a max of 70 players from each faction (140 in total!) against each other will be available to players soon.

Players above level 25 will be able to participate in the Siege of Castra by going to their System Menu (ESC)> War (B)> Battlefield List. Once players have entered the battlefield, they will be able to prepare for the official start of the war in either the Hieron or the Union military headquarters.

The war lasts for 30 minutes, and victory can be achieved by defeating the enemy commander who is located in the opposing faction’s military headquarters. However, it is not easy to infiltrate each faction’s fortress. (If neither side is able to eliminate the opposing faction’s commander, the war will end in a tie.)

There is a “Purifying Tree” located by the road in the middle of the battlefield that can greatly help your allies advance; players must be careful not to let it be taken by the enemy faction. The key to victory is to adapt a unified yet swift attack tactic through forming a raid party and appointing a leader who will lead the faction.

Purifying Tree (Middle Road)

  • If players succeed in taking over the tree, a vindictive spirit that attacks the enemy’s military headquarters will be released.
  • As the vindictive spirit is unstoppable while it charges towards the fortress gates, players should be swift to claim the Purifying Tree for their faction or risk having the vindictive spirit arrive at their own base.
  • The vindictive spirit will soon head for the faction commander once the fortress gates fall.

Guardian Stone (Left and right paths)

  • If either faction claims the Purifying Tree and seizes the vindictive spirit, then a Guardian Stone will appear on either the left or right path.
  • If players manage to completely deplete the Guardian Stone HP, the vindictive spirit controlled by the enemy faction will disappear.
  • The faction that failed to claim the Purifying Tree before their enemies must decide whether they will directly eliminate the vindictive spirit themselves, or if they will do so through the Guardian Stone.

Defensive Equipment (Faction Military Headquarters)

  • There are 4 mobile artillery located in front of the gates of each faction’s military headquarters to help fend off invading enemies.


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